Goodbye, your and my youth —- Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant


Still remember I was a junior school student. Not remembering why I had a holiday, I was watching the “NBA channel” on Cable TV.

Kobe scored “only” 20 something in the 1st half, Lakers were down by 10 to 20 points. I was watching, without really paying attention.

Then, a 3-pointer, a 2-pointer, then a 3-pointer, so on……

He left the court with 81 points.


Under an extremely restless state of mind, I picked up the phone, called some random friends, just to say “Kobe scored 81 points! Alone!”


Kobe、AI、Vince Carter、T-Mac、Yao Ming、Gilbert Arenas、Garnett、Paul Pierce、Dirk、Manu、Duncan、Ray Allen、Dwyane Wade、Lebron、Anthony, and even Chris Bosh……

These made up the All-Star team. I truly admired each of them, and I thought there were both fun to watch and making impacts on the game.

Among them, Kobe, AI, Vince Carter and T-Mac, are my favourites. The reason? Simply because they could drive and shoot, they could score 40 or 50 a game. I admit it. I love watching these one-man shows.

Now they are all gone…… But that “never give up” spirit of Kobe and Iverson, that cool. I will never forget, and that was what made me play basketball every damn day.


20 years. That’s a blink of the eyes. The guy who scored 4 straight 50+ games, who scored 62 points in 3 quarters, who scored 40+ for 9 games, has turned into someone who struggled to score 30, or even 20.

Still remember the season he took the scoring title. I looked at the stats at some point of the season: 37.5 PPG. At the end of that season, he averaged 35 points, with Iverson averaging 33points behind him.

Still remember he failed to take 3-peat after 2-peat against Boston. That moment I still believed, he would come back next year, bring the Lakers to another dynasty, and surpass Jordan.

Even after he broke his achilles tendon against the Warriors, I still trusted in his comeback. Because he is Kobe. He is the most hard-working player in the world. He is the most determined one.

A pity was, he never came back.



20 years. The student who lived in happiness, is now a “in society”, “speaks after thinking twice” , “does things with responsibilities”, “swallow all the scolds” “grown-up”.

20 years. The kid whose life was only about playing ball, studying, fapping, singing, playing piano and browsing the internet , is now having a life with only ” work,go home, eat, sleep, work”-loop “man”.

20 years. The “me” who believed himself will be able to watch or even play against Kobe and Iverson, has until now, neven been to a NBA arena.

20 years. Those with whom I talked about NBA, are  not seen for a few years, or disconnected totally. One even passed away.

20 years. The little boy who dreamed about playing in the NBA, who believed himself having the same high level of scoring talents, is now an “not even playing basketball once a week, rather sleep a bit more or surf the net”  “adult”.





Kobe’s retirement, doesn’t only signify the past of his youth. But also, the past of a group of “youngsters”.

60 points. The game-leading shot. The final assist. Victory. Mamba out.

Thank you Kobe. Goodbye, youth.



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