An unknown treasure – Faroe Islands


I have always wanted to write down my experience, for the purpose of recording as well as helping other. But I was caught at the hesitation of writing it in chronological order or what. Then I suddenly remembered the hard time I had while I was researching tourist information for Faroe Islands, so, let me start with my time there!


Faroe Islands. A lot of the people have never even heard of this name. So why did I end up there? The reason is pretty ridiculous: I was browsing the Google Maps, (just like what I do all day lollllll), and I found a group of small islands south of Iceland. I found it is not a popular tourist destination, then I thought, I won’t come to this part of the world often, so, I shouldn’t miss it!


One can come to Faroe Islands by plane or ferry. As it is located between Iceland, Norway and the UK, I tried to find out a way that I could depart from UK or Norway, stop-over at Faroe Islands and end up in Iceland. And fortunately, in fact there is a possible solution! I got it from TravelWiki, that Atlantic Airways do offer a flight to Faroe Islands that let enable me to stay for 4 or 7 days, and then will bring me to Iceland again! Thus, after a series of emails, I booked the flight from Bergen to Vágar, allowing me for 4 days in Faroe Islands before heading to Reykjavík.


Nevertheless, it’s still a crazy decision when I look back.


As my travel résumé expands, my preparation before every trip is actually, shrinking. That’s because I found that a lot of bookings can be made after I arrive. But Faroe Islands is different. It’s not very developed for tourism. To get around, there are very limited buses and ferries (like 10 per day), and what’s worse is, they don’t really take you CLOSE to the best spots. The best way to explore here is driving your own vehicle, and unfortunately, I don’t have a driving license. AND despite knowing all these adversities, I still came, without thinking about the consequent.

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