First night in Faroe Islands


First day in Faroe Islands was NOT a good start.


I spent the night before(a Christmas night smh) at the Bergen Airport, and was exhausted. What’s even worse was, due to a drastic weather, the flight to Faroe Islands was delayed, not once, not twice…… and not thrice… I lost count. The overall impact was, an 8-hour delay! I could still remember during that 8 hours, I napped on a table, then went to check the flight status, then went back to nap…… that was horrible.

Compensation offered by the flight company
With 100NOK I bought……


Of course, after all, I arrived at the Vágar Airport. I immediately went to buy a 4-day pass at the Tourist Information Centre. After a few chit-chats, the staff told me that, my landlord is actually her cousin. I was smiling, and thought, “on this island of only 50,000 people, it must be acquaintances everywhere!” . She also told me, I had to wait for 2 hours for the next bus. Well, it’s OK for me after travelling for quite a few times, but this kind of reminded me of how the public transportation runs on this island.

A cute kid who was also waiting for the bus


Arriving at the bus stop that my landlord informed me, I tried to find my way by following the vague instructions on his message. “Just right by the harbour”.


Yes, that was his description. This guesthouse was not on the Google Maps. It was after 10 at night, and I was still lost. Damn. I thought there was only his building near the harbour, and at least there should be a sign or what. But no. There wasn’t any sign, and there was a few groups of houses. Screw it! I walked to the one closest to me, and when I approached it, I found a little note on it.  


After opening the door, there were 2 rooms, and on 1 of the doors, there was a note with my name on it!


Hurrah! Finally I am here! I was also surprised, cause I thought I booked a youth hostel, but turned out it’s a single studio. After staying at dormitory for so many nights in England, finally I could relax.


After getting myself settled, the excitement started to hit. I am here! The fantasy world I dreamt of! A country not known to the world, with a population size of 50,000 and with also unknown history and natural beauty.


I got a message from the landlord, saying there would be a party by the football court at midnight. Though I was not very interested, with so many questions in my head, I decided to go.


When I arrived at the club, I threw out my landlord’s name and found that he was actually the one selling sausages and hotdogs at the food stand outside. I was wondering, “this guy is collecting rent AND still, selling food here. Does he really need money?”. I talked to him, and he told me the same old thing: as not driving myself is not convenient on this island, I could try hitchhiking, as it’s so easy here. He also told me there was a Korean staying next to my room. Well, I guessed I couldn’t get much from him, so I waved goodbye and went back to sleep.

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