Faroe Islands – Day 2

I didn’t set up the alarm clock for the second day. So I lazily crawled out after 11.


I walked out of my room and checked the timetable. Shit! I already missed all the buses in the morning! And the next one going would be after 1600. And the last bus coming back would be just after 1900. So basically, I didn’t need to go to the capital.


Right outside my door. Not too shabby.
Human being!

Although I didn’t have any plans in the first place, I didn’t want to waste my whole day in my room. Shamelessly (a personality acquired from travelling), I knocked the next door. A man with long (and messy) hair came out. I asked him, whether he would go out later in the day, and whether he could bring me along. He said yes, but he was doing something, so he asked me to wait “a bit”. Of course I said OK, and I went back to my room.



Who the hell would know, “a bit” meant a couple of hours, so at last we departed at around 1600.



This Korean man is called…… guess what? Kim, hahaha. typical Korean name loll In fact I found he was actually quite a “cool” guy after some chats. He told me he only spent around 50 days in South Korea per year, and the rest travelling. He studied in UK, and was living in Berlin for a year. He came to the Faroe Islands for photography, but with the bad weather, he barely went out. And yeah I guess you have the same question I have. How did he get his travel fund? I asked whether he was a professional photographer, but he said no. He was jobless. He simply had some SAVINGS.


He drove us to a shopping mall.

I felt amazed being here. A country with a population size of 50,000, having a “packed” shopping mall. Felt like all the citizens are here.

I only had a few pieces of biscuits the whole day, so I bought this. A standard “Northern European” price. Almost 40 HKD.

We walked through all 3 floors of the mall. We went into a book store and read some books. (In fact, we were reading only the book with photos of Faroe Islands).

Then we headed towards the harbour in the capital. We had a look of the lighthouse in Skansin, took a few pictures.


Then we went to Bonus (a main supermarket in Faroe Islands as well as Iceland), bought some food and returned home.

Kim knew this brand is from Korea, but had no idea why it is popular as it is not any good……

It’s interesting to me that almost everything is sold in Northern European supermarket

Back to home. I said “Thank you” in Korean. Kim only responded a simple “Uh”, and rushed into his own room.


Stupid story at night:


At night, I tried to make “good use” of my kitchen. I bought some Lasgana and instant noodels from Bonus. And also some Mexican rolls. I wanted to cook them. But I have to tell you that, in fact I can barely cook anything. So eventually, I almost got all of them burnt.Luckily, I foresaw this coming, and bought a lot of biscuits and cakes. I filled my dummy with instant noodle, biscuits and cakes.

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