Faroe Islands – Day 3 – Tórshavn

Day 3

Plan for today is to explore the capital Tórshavn in details.

Waking up a bit later than 7 am, I wished to take the bus around 9.


Here is the bus stop.

Um… a statue near the bus stop.

It’s still dark then in Faroe Islands in the winter. The weather stays the same as the past 2 days. Heavy rain dropping. What made it even worse was, the bus stop has no any coverings, so I could only let the rain kiss my cheeks blatantly.

Someone came to the opposite side of the road. I walked up to him and asked if I was at the right side. Well, I really wasn’t.

I also asked him how to pronounce “Tórshavn” in Faroese. He showed me and smiled, “it’s almost like how it is in English”.

The bus arrived more than 10 minutes after the scheduled time.


There were around 10 passengers on the bus. A couple of them have a face of an Asian.

Going to Tórshavn from my home Miðvágur by bus would take about an hour. Although it was gloomy out there, the scenery still looked amazing. Running next to the ocean and the mountains and the grasslands.We went through a tunnel after another tunnel. And yes, one thing interesting about the Faroes is, they have numerous tunnels to connect these islands!

When I arrived in the capital, it was like this. Rain and storm. Darkness stayed.

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