Faroe Islands – Day 3 – Cultural Museum

After leaving the library, I followed the map of Tórshavn I got from the tourist information centre, and headed to the cultural museum.


This museum wasn’t easy to find. It was like a closed shop. An entrance fee of 20DKK was required, but I didn’t have cash and they couldn’t accept cards, so the one and only staff let me in.

This museum was still under way apparently. The staff was working on those models. The museum had only 1 floor, with a lot of different exhibits, like milk packagings through the years, and also a room showing how a Faroese room looked like back in the days. A pity was, these exhibits have only Faroese info.

Then another old man came in and started chatting with him.

How a room of a Faroese used to look like in the 90s



Then, I went to the church in Tórshavn.



I started going back to the tourist information centre, because the bus stop was there.

Empty ice rink


I went into a book shop, and found this:

Even the Faroese are learning Chinese……

No, I wasn’t going back home. I was actually taking the bus to the oldest wooden house still in use today――Kirkjubøur.

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