Faroe Islands – Day 3 – Tinganes

The wind was really scratching my face. I hid myself in a convenience store.

But I realized that it wasn’t going to weaken in anytime soon, so I had to go out.

I started going in the direction of Tinganes.

On the Google Maps I found “Visit Faroe Islands” and thought it was a tourist information centre. But after I got here, I found it wasn’t open.


I asked at the “real” tourist information centre later, and realized this is somewhere for the government officials rather than for the tourists.




Eventually I got to Tinganes! Do you know, Tinganes is the oldest parliamentary meeting place in the world. The Vikings started having meeting of national importance from around 900 A.D. Turf-roofed houses all over here

Some statues

Poor guy sitting alone in the cold rain


I headed towards the tourist information centre then. This is a convenience store on the way:

I got to the authentic tourist information centre after all. I asked about where to go around here. The staff was helpful, gave me a lot of info. What weird was, there wasn’t WiFi there. He said I had to go to the library for it. I went to the library and got the WiFi, and I also napped for a while.


A side track: when I was at the automatic door of the library, it didn’t open. After a while, someone drove here. He got off the car, looked at me, then he walked towards the door. It opened. I was wondering what wrong happened to me. When I left the library, the automatic door still remained closed……

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