Faroe Islands – Day 3 – Kirkjubøur

Kirkjubøur is probably one of the few “attractions” that is directly accessible via public transport on the Faroes!

The views on the way to Kirkjubøur:

I had no idea what exactly I should do or where I exactly had to go when I arrived in Kirkjubøur. The only thing I knew was its renowned background — the oldest wooden house still in use today。Getting off the bus, I wandered around. The first thing I saw was a ruined stone-built structure.

Found out it is a cathedral built hundreds of years ago.


By the harbour, there was another church. 

I saw a closed gate, so I didn’t go further.


Not to be left out were these wooden houses!

There were painted in different colours. I checked each of them closely, found out one of them was in fact a museum. It was opening hours but it didn’t look like it was open.

I went up the slope behind the bus stop, exploring aimlessly. I saw houses in different sizes, with some having their lights up and some looking like small shops. Some houses have their own backyards, with horses and sheep.


Come to think about it, human is such an interesting creature. Out of curiosity and the adventurism, throughout these thousands of years, they keep moving and exploring to the unknown places. Even if it’s the most remote corner in the world, footmarks of human were left. They even settled down and built a society here.


I walked towards the bus stop. The bus was already there, waiting. The old bus driver spoke to me with his broken English, that I could wait a bit, as he would drive the bus to a several stops first and came back.

Then I saw a family arrived. Thought they should be tourists, as they got out of their car, looking around, then headed to the church. They pushed through the gate and went in. I followed them.

The church was indeed an ordinary church. Nothing too special.

Religion, has no prove but faith and a bible, can last hundreds of years and turns people to come to this corner of the world to build a church for the prayers. Isn’t it amazing?

Backyard of the church

Someone’s walking his dog at the port.

Something by the harbour

Everything is so intriguing. I wonder, how does it feel like living in this corner of the world?


The view through the window of the bus station

I walked into the bus station, staring through the window, awaiting the arrival of the bus. At this corner of the world, there was not only a bus stop sign, but a bus station, with benches, toilets, lights and roof. Amazing. 

The view from the backdoor of the bus station

For sure, bus driver came back after a while. There was nobody on the bus. I hopped on, heading back to the capital.

On the bus back to the city centre



Back to the city centre. I walked through the main street, going to the main bus station, ready to take the bus back to my home. The empty skating-rink had become so vibrant. This city is, definitely, amusing and, AMAZING.

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