Faroe Islands – Day 4 – Lake above the Ocean

It comes to the 4th day of my trip in the Faroes, and it is the climax of the trip!


My goal today is to witness 1 of the probably 2 most well-known sights of Faroes.


The 1st one is Lake Sørvágsvatn/Leitisvatn, nicknamed “Lake above Ocean”.

Credit: DenebVegaAltair


As mentioned before, the most beautiful places on the Faroes cannot be accessed directly via the public transportation. To reach the Lake Sørvágsvatn for people like me who don’t drive, the best way is to take the bus to the bus stop in Miðvágur, and then start walking. For those who drive, they aren’t much better off, as the nearest point where they can drop off is the fence outside the hiking trail going to the Lake Sørvágsvatn. Afterwards, it will be a long walk.


A certain kind of luck to me, is that where I stayed was right in Miðvágur. So what I needed to was to walk to the hiking trail only.


Everything seems easy until here, right? Walk to the hiking trail, then follow it. Apparently it is this easy. But I had no clues where the hiking trail actually was, even after googling, there were only a few journals with incomplete info found. And the so-called hiking trail, after all, was only a “way” in the wild except the 1st km.

The fact that I could reach the destination in the end, was a result of estimation and little bit of help from Google Maps. No concrete information was there.

First of all, I wasn’t sure about the location of hiking trail, so I kind of estimated it from the location of Lake Leitisvatn. Then comes to the point where one could take a picture like the one at the beginning of the article, I again, estimated it from the landscape drawn by Google Maps. Very fortunate, someone marked the word “Viewpoint!” somewhere, though it doesn’t sound very reliable.

On the Google Maps, there is a grey dotted line near the lake. I believed it was the “hiking-trail”, so I headed towards it.

Is the “Viewpoint!” really the viewpoint? Is the grey dotted line really the hiking trail? Nothing was certain.


Other than the uncertain given information, it wasn’t completely smooth when I actually put into action. Say, when I started walking, I was going up slope, which cost me a lot of time, but turned out it wasn’t going to the right way, so I had to return and started over again with another way.

On the way to the hiking trail


At the end, I got to the hiking trail look-alike entrance, but I found there was a blockage. It looks like it’s a private area instead of a hiking trail open for everyone. I had some back-and-forth in my mind, then I decided to just jump over it.


As said before, the first part was like a well-established hiking trail, like an asphalt road. But later it will become grass, stone and mud.


Guess it’s the heavy rain, there were little rivers on the way. Those “little” rivers were not really as narrow as I (an athletic jumper) could jump over. On the way there were also sheep from time to time. Every time I walked past them, they stared at me. And there was even one such flock of sheep: they saw me, then they all started running away. Think they are afraid of human beings. Who isn’t?

Walking amidst the mist on this muddy grass, I felt like it’s never-ending. I couldn’t see the cliff that I was looking for, neither any other human beings. There were times when the “little” river was not little anymore, then I started thinking, “I should go back! It’s OK to give up under this weather.” or “I should come back when I have a company and better prep.” But then I remembered the times that I persisted through adversities. Every time it came with an amazing ending. So I gave up the negative thoughts.

A sign of human activity
Another sign of human activity Not sure about its purpose though
So there is a house on the way……


And finally, after more than 2 hours, I got it! I found a slope going upwards! I knew it was the cliff! I got so bumped up, that I started running up, among the mist.

This sheep has guts to come to this altitude.


What’s the meaning of these stones?

Although I was very excited after realizing I had arrived at the viewpoint, my mood plummeted immediately as I looked down: it was all fog. Let’s not talk about taking a great picture. I couldn’t even find the lake in the photo.

But certainly I’m not gonna just give up and leave. I sat down, looked at the endless ocean, awaited and hope for the dismissal of fog.

If I fall from here, it’s the limitless ocean……

The fog did go away after a while. It wasn’t completely clear, but at least the lake became visible then.

However, I just couldn’t make the picture as good as those on Google. I couldn’t make that huge altitude difference, even though I was on the highest point already.

Then I got my tripod set, and took tens of selfies. I left though I really didn’t want to. But after all, it was already an amazing day as I got to see such magnificent view.


As I was leaving, I took a few more shots:

Since it was my way back home, I was more laid back. I took pictures of those things that I didn’t stop to picture when I was coming.

There was 2 benches and a delicate wooden table here! So the locals come here when the weather is good? To have a few drinks?Well I couldn’t imagine that scenario under this shitty weather……

Apparently some people like to chill, enjoy the lake view and probably drink here

Or these were built by the owner of the house? Is that a summer resort of somebody?


Oh and on my way out, I finally met people! In total, 4 persons and 1 dog. A picture of this guy with his dog. Look how casual he is. Guess he’s a local……


Then I met a man and a woman together. They are tourists. Then I met Kim! He came alone with his camera. His bravery is pretty impressive (as impressive as myself lol).


Came across the little pasture I passed by when I came:

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